Demo x 2014

by Choke X Chain

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bob Presson.


released October 31, 2014

Special thanks to Bob, Mcbuttz and Anna Claire Gray.



all rights reserved


Choke X Chain Jacksonville, Florida

Florida Straight Edge

Audrey - Vocals
Jesse - Guitar
Zach - Bass
Joshua - Drums

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Track Name: Hell Is Other People
Hell is other people.
Heaven is each other.
Track Name: Ouroboros
Hate - is all I see.
Pests - spreading disease.
Hope - flowing through me.
Change - is what we need.

Selfish actions are bringing us down.
Be above it don't follow the crowd.
Help one another.
Look out for your friends.
Stick together.
Don't be a loose end.
Elitist attitudes poison the scene.
We're all the same.
You're no cooler than me.
A popularity contest of fucking geeks.

Rejected by the rejects.

Track Name: Brother's Keeper
I'm sick of always being on the defense.
My mind is fraying from end to end.
A constant thirst for mental clarity.
Break the chains and be set free.

You made your choice.
You had your chance.
You crossed the line and now it ends.
So guard your neck.
Look out behind.
This time around I'm getting mine.

We'll make our stand none left behind.
One breed is how we're defined.
Never again will you steal from me.
Bound by blood we have our unity.

Strike down with a furious anger.
Strike down with a great vengeance.
I am my brother's keeper.
You will know my name.
Track Name: Innocence Defense feat. Mcbuttz
Bullet by bullet.
Cut down from the ankles up.
A blindfold covers his eyes as the violence erupts.

A children's army because freedom isn't free.
Illusion of democracy but feeding corporate greed.
Young boys too early taken from their mothers.
Lined up like cattle with whom they call their brothers.
A necessary evil as human will unfolds.
The stories of these heroes often go untold.

Family against family.
Under the watchful eye until our debt is paid.

Innocence Defense.
Loyal until the end.
For my family and friends.
Innocence Defense.

Innocence Defense.
Loyal until the end.
Track Name: Parasite
Every thought you have seeps into your blood.
A poison idea corrupts us all.


You hide behind a mask.
An image built on lies.
But i see straight through you and your fucking disguise.
Those who question are cast aside.
Stray from the herd.

One step forward.
Two steps back.
The constant struggle.
A bitter fact.

Kill your vices.